Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Book Review of "Out of the Darkness"

Out of the Darkness


Ann Allen

"Out of the Darkness" is the debut nonfiction book of author Ann Allen. It is the author's own story of fighting clinical and spiritual depression. Much of this fight was done through letters written to her pastor, Dr. K, and journal entries, wherein she pours out her heart about life in general, and her life in particular. Over a number of years and many, many letters, Ms. Allen journeyed through the valleys and around the sharp curves of depression until the clouds began to lift. I don't want to give away anything more about this book, except to say that redemption comes in the end.

"Out of the Darkness" should be read by anyone who is suffering from clinical and/or spiritual depression. Equally important, it should be read by the family members of those who are depressed. This book will give family membes greater insight into what their loved one is experiencing than any medical or psychological book can offer. And it will offer hope.

This book was donated for the purposes of a review. The review does not reflect the opinions of the author, Jawbone Publishing or its employees.


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