Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thank you

I belong to a local writers group in the county where I live. This group has sub-divided into "fiction writers" and "nonfiction writers." This past Monday night, the nonfiction writers group met and we had a visitor - Peggy Poe. During the course of our meeting, everyone was to write something - anything - as long as it was nonfiction. We stopped about thirty minutes before the end of the meeting and everyone shared what she had written. I was so impressed by what Peggy shared, I asked her permission to share this on my blog and she graciously agreed. May God minister to you through Peggy's words, as He did to me.

Thank You
Peggy Poe

Thank you for letting me be poor so I could learn that wealth does not consist of things.

Thank you for letting me be rejected so I could learn to include everyone in my circle of love.

Thank you for letting me be unimportant so I could learn everyone is important.

Thank you for letting me be just me so I could let others be just them.

Thank you for praising me so I could learn to live without the praise of others.

Thank you for telling me what to do so I could learn obedience.

Thank you for never being in a hurry with me so I could learn to have patience with myself.

Thank you for being God my Father and for letting me be your child.

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