Friday, July 9, 2010

Writing, Writing, and More Writing!

I mentioned previously that I would be participating in a writing challenge during the month of July. I set my goal at 30,000 words and on July 1, began to write. It is now July 9, in the wee hours of the morning and I've written 8,507 words to date. I'm on schedule so far.

While immersed in the writing challenge, I almost forgot that I have to prepare a 3-minute speech and a 5-minute speech for a conference I'm attending the end of this month. So this morning, I've worked on the 3-minute presentation, which must be about my testimony. How do you narrow your life's testimony into 3 minutes? When I asked God that question, He answered: "Tell them I'm faithful." How simple. How profound. The 5-minute speech must be a teaching on a Scripture verse or passage. I think I know what that will be, but I'm waiting to get the final go-ahead from God.

I haven't forgotten the other blogs I want to share with you - they'll be coming - soon, I hope!!


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