Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Book Review: Texas Roads by Cathy Bryant

Every woman wants someplace to call home. It almost doesn’t matter where it is, or how big it is, it’s hers. She will clean it and decorate it as she can, but it’s hers. We women are made that way – our home is our security, our safety. A place where we belong. A place where we can create our own refuge, at least under normal circumstances. It is why little girls play house. They have this innate sense of belonging and being safe in their “house.”

This is the premise for Texas Roads. The heroine, Dani, has longed for a home to feel secure, to belong. But she’s never had that. Texas Roads will lead her to that home, and although it’s not what she first looked for or expected, she recognizes it when she arrives.

Texas Roads is a delightful book to read. Mrs. Bryant has an eloquent way of expressing her heart that is evident throughout the book. You will fall in love with Miller’s Creek and wish that you could move there. All the characters, even the “old geezers,” will find a place on your list of favorite characters.

The spiritual lesson found within this book is one that will bring peace to those hearts that may still be looking for a place to belong – a home. And for those who have found that home – it is a beautiful reminder.

This book is available for purchase in print and e-book format at several online retailers. Mrs. Bryant has also established a website for Texas Roads that includes Mama Beth’s recipes, Dani’s money-saving tips and a Bible Study corresponding to the spiritual themes of the story.
Enjoy your time in Miller’s Creek!!



Cathy Bryant said...


Thanks so much for your kind words about TEXAS ROADS. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story.


April W Gardner said...

I've never read Cathy Bryant, but she sounds like an author I'd like to add to my reading list.
Thanks for the review!

Edwina said...


Do read this book when you have a chance - you will thoroughly enjoy it!