Monday, August 17, 2009

JUST THOUGHTS written by Joy McGee

Why is it that we are so set against being vulnerable? Why are we so set on standing behind our walls, only revealing pieces of who we really are and how we really feel at certain moments? Are we afraid of being hurt or are we afraid of being loved? The truth is that hurt penetrates through the thickest of walls but love only enters in when it is invited. So here we stand, bricked in, dark and cold, continually receiving heartache, thinking that we are protecting ourselves when all we are really doing is killing our souls. If we allow ourselves to become open, exposed, vulnerable, and trust God to take care of the hurts, wounds, bumps and bruises instead of trying to "self protect," we then are able to experience the beauty of...everything. If you take out all of our cynical thoughts, all of the "what if's," all of the inner vows, and thoughts of worthlessness, what do you have left but God's master piece in it's truest form, which is in His image. When we begin to appreciate others for what they offer, instead of demanding what they bring, we begin to see them through the eyes of our Maker and can begin to enjoy them. We are no longer worried about getting hurt or revealing too much but how we can love others better, serve them, appreciate them and then before you even realize it, you are experiencing God's love for us, one that is unconditional and beautiful. It has no expectations and no fears, it just


Anonymous said...

Hi! I thought the winner of Maggie Rose was supposed to be announced on today's post. If not, did I miss it?

Edwina said...

Hi Carman,

You are right - the winner was to be announced on yesterday's post! I'm so sorry - I announced the winner on my Facebook page - but forgot to announce the winner on this post! The winner was "Stitched with Grace." I do apologize and hope you will read today's post where I review "The Blue Enchantress" - another excellent book. Leave your comment because I will be giving away a free copy of this book! And I'll try my best to remember to announce that winner on the post!

Thanks so much for calling this to my attention!!